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I took the Triangulum route after getting impatient in fighting Benetnasch,
so after a few weekends of rpg turmoil later, I defeated Canopus and got the NORMAL ALCOR ROUTE.
Any suggestions on how to get the Yamato Route?? I mean I've been seeing the 3ds gameplays and it's killing me because I took a long
time playing that game???
I just replayed it this Sunday so ye
 I'm 25% into the game
So I've finally made a closed species of something called Arkipoigons, a mythical poison serpent dragon snake thing, and I just came up with it yesterday, so if there' something that looks like my Arkipoigon designs I didn't take any references off of whatever you saw.
I'll be updating this journal from time to time giving some info about Arkipoigons, and I'll put up thumbs and whatnot about them. So please check out my adopts and if you want, bid for them!
It would mean a lot to me!

OPEN ADOPT #1 Arkipoigon by FL4R1X-4V3R3NT0N

Please give me some suggestions of what / what not to get from the Pokémon TCG series, or what card packs to collect!
I just started getting Pokémon cards this March and I only started playing Pokémon[moon is my first pkmn game] this Janurary, so... ;v;
[And I borrow my brother's pokemon mystery dungeon ds cartridges sometimes]


I just went to the anime store yesterday and got a special Kyogre box[from 2015] with
4 extensions + a small figure and got a Trevenant EX Card from one of them... Is that considered lucky?